Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Game Version: [Switch]

Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 8 minutes for Singles and Doubles

Final Smash Meter: Off

Spirits: Off

Damage Handicap: Off

Stage Selection: Anyone

Items: Off and None

First to: 1 Win

Stage Morph: Off

Stage Hazards: Off

Team Attack: On

Launch Rate: 1.0x

Underdog Boost: Off

Pausing: Off

Score Display: Off

% Show Damage: Yes

Custom Balance: Off

Echo Fighters: Separate

Radar: Big

Teammate Highlight: On

Mii Fighters: All moveset combinations are legal

Map Selection

Starter Stages


Final Destination*

Lylat Cruise

Pokémon Stadium 2



Counterpick Stages

Castle Siege

Kalos Pokémon League

Town & City

Unova Pokémon League

Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)

Yoshi’s Story


* Battlefield and Omega variations of the stages are allowed when a player counterpicks either Battlefield or Final Destination respectively. The Battlefield and Omega forms must be from the list below:

Arena Ferox


Castle Siege


Delfino Plaza

Dream Land

Final Destination

Frigate Orpheum

Great Plateau Tower


Kalos Pokémon League

Kongo Falls

Kongo Jungle

Lylat Cruise

Moray Towers

New Donk City Hall

Peach’s Castle

Pokémon Stadium

Pokémon Stadium 2

Reset Bomb Forest



Super Happy Tree

Suzaku Castle

Town & City

Umbra Clock Tower

Unova Pokémon League


Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)

Yoshi’s Story

Additional Rules


Starter Stage Striking
See section 1.5 for details on choosing who strikes first. Players may strike from the legal stages (each person strikes stages in a P1-P2-P2-P1 format) to determine the starting stage for the first game. If Battlefield or Final Destination, a mutually-agreed upon variant can be used, though if players do not agree the default is played.


Counterpick Stage Banning
After each game of the set, before counterpicking, the player who won the previous game may ban two stages from the full stage list. These bans do not persist throughout the set. The loser of the previous game then chooses from the remaining stages, barring any those that that player has won on previous in that set (see 2.3.3). If Final Destination or Battlefield is chosen as a counterpick, a variant may be chosen by the loser of the previous game, following the list of banned variants listed in 2.2.

Stage Clause
A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set.

For ease of access, tournament staff recommends the use of the Nintendo Gamecube controller. However, the Switch Pro controller and Joy Cons are all permitted control options. Turbo/macro options on controllers are banned. Box variants of the GameCube controller are permitted so long as they do not have macros/turbo functions enabled.

Controller Interference

If your controller is found to be the cause of disruption to the tournament (mid-game or otherwise), you are subject to complete disqualification from the event.

Glitch Clause

If anything occurs within any game that results in unforeseen consequences (e.g. characters become invisible, sudden teleportation occurs, characters become affixed to other bodies, etc.), gameplay should continue uninterrupted unless the change renders the game unplayable for one or more players. In this situation, players should inform their pool captain or tournament staff for resolution.

Mii Fighter Clause

Mii Fighters must use their default costumes (though players may select any color for their Mii in accordance 1.14 and 1.15) and must use a Guest Mii. Any player who intends to use a Mii during a set must declare they are creating Mii Fighters before the set. Mii Fighters should be named after the combination of special moves chosen, listed in the format “XXXX.” Any combination of moves may be used, but any movesets that any player may want to use during a set must be created before the set begins (up to a limit of three Mii Fighters unless explicitly given permission from the Tournament Director).

Control Setup Clause

No player may create more than three control schemes per set unless explicitly given permission from the Tournament Director.